Grading the Frequent-Flyer Websites

I was a bit shocked last year when trying to book an international flight with my Frequent Flyer Miles only to discover that I couldn’t do it online.  I tried again last month and found that United has finally brought this service to their website.  The frustration, however, is that I still ran into the same problem of not finding any seats.

Technology is supposed to make life easier but when all it does is take the same problems I had booking tickets with a live operator and transfer them to the online world, I’ve got to ask myself, why did they even bother?

Naturally, some airlines have better sites than others when it comes to booking award travel.  So which has the best?  James Gilden of the LA Times surfed through the sites of four major airlines and has put together a report card rating the services offered.  The winner was Continental with an “A” grade.  The worst performer was, Delta with, appropriately enough, a big “D.” 

Click here to find out how they were rated and the grades of other airlines.