Red Corner: Lviv Revisited

The accolades keep rolling in. We posted a few months back about the Ukrainian city of Lviv (or Lvov which is the Russian spelling if you prefer that). Since then, the charming town has kept popping up on my radar. Most recently, The LA Times devoted a few pages extolling its fine attributes.

Journalist Barry Zwick kicks off the article with an alluring description that sums up the universality of Lviv: “Baroque pastel Polish-style town houses, gingerbread-trimmed Austrian university halls, heroic Russian statues and distinctively Ukrainian parks.” And then it gets better.

Zwick raves about the excellent food (a rarity in Eastern Europe), the “44 Baroque and Rococo landmarks,” the numerous churches and synagogues, and the city’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of all, however, he revels in the $10 front-and-center seats he purchased for a Myroslav Skoryk performance at Ivan Franko Opera House–an amazingly beautiful, Viennese neo-Renaissance building in the center of town.

Damn! This all sounds phenomenal. I need to get myself to Lviv!