Enter the Tribewanted Sweepstakes

Tribe WantedYup – I’ve long been the type to get geeked up over a good contest, but at least I don’t keep my discoveries top secret so that no one else can enter. That would be wickedly selfish of me. Now STA Travel has this Tribewanted contest going on and I must say it’s one of the more interesting sweepstakes I’ve seen in a good while. For starters they’re giving away a membership to the eco-friendly green community located in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. As a member of the Tribewanted you will gain a unique opportunity to participate in creating a ecological community with limited membership by debating tribal issues using an online forum to decide the development of the island. Only 5,000 memberships are being sold and only 100 people will be allowed on the island at one time. The island does not officially open until September 1, 2006.

Sound intriguing? Need more details? Head over to STA Travel, register, tell your friends and good luck!