Stuck In Lebanon

Stranded in LebanonThis wasn’t exactly the kind of piece I was looking for when I searched for Lebanon blogs, but it will certainly suffice. What I wanted was real Americans blogging about the events at hand, about being stranded and what the feeling is like when there are little to no exits out of the country. I admit, it’s pretty lame of me to think I’d discover a blog from an average, innocent American citizen just wanting to get to safety (as if blogging is first priority) and that is why I am taking in the words of this Kevin Sites, No Exit piece as an acceptable trade off.

Sites blogs about the Chahines, a family from Dearborn, MI stuck in the war madness between Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Israel. What was a typical annual family vacation to the area became a nightmare. They shuffled from house to house each night trying to escape the violence. The clothing Mr. Chahine left in the truck of a car burned when an Israeli missile struck the parked vehicle. He has been wearing the same clothing seven days in a row. Madness.

If you are looking for pieces on Americans traveling in Lebanon and stranded this is a good one to check out. Just gives you an idea of what it could be like if things went down the wrong way on your own travels. How do you prepare? Can you?