Word for the Travel Wise (07/26/06)

Haiti FlagI don’t know what’s up with the weather these days, but it is hot as Hades these days and quite frankly it has me longing to escape. Right about now I’d give anything to be lounging on the shores of a shady palm-fringed tropical island. It doesn’t matter where so long as the wind tosses enough ocean mist my way to help keep the body temperature cool.

Today’s word is Kreyòl (Haitian creole) word used in Haiti:

chalè – heat

This Kreyol website features comprehensive cultural and travel info on Haiti. Their overall goal is to spread positive messages about the country and create positive images. Their online Kreyòl dictionary is one of the best! iCreole is a good place translation tool if you wish to know a word within seconds. For a fun look at some popular proverbs check out this Discover Haiti site. Make note that the Creole used in the proverbs is not that of the Creole spoken in Port-au-Prince. Lastly, leave it to good old Pimsleur to have audio books dedicated to learning Creole. Expensive, but you can also look for them in your local library.

Past Kreyòl words: evite, il/zile, voryen