Gadling Audio Slideshow: Newfoundland Part III

Took a few days to pull this together, but here is the third and final installment of my Newfoundland audio slide shows. This last one takes us out sea kayaking once again in the lovely waters of Newfoundland, and in particular near the town of Trinity. The first trip out, with the good folks at Stan Cook’s, was delightful, but alas we saw no whales. This time out, however, things were different, and we not only spied a few humpbacks on the horizon, the leviathans came right up to us. Now THAT’s what sea kayaking is all about my friends.

So, I hope you take a look and once again excuse the cheesy music. And if you couldn’t tell, I am a big advocate of Newfoundland…at least in the summer. It is a lovely, culturally rich place. The perfect mix of adventuresome getaway and enriching cultural experience very close to home.

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