Red Corner: The Danube into Eastern Europe

The Danube is perhaps most well known for sharing half the title of a very famous waltz, The Blue Danube. It is also quite beloved as a popular cruising destination in Western Europe. It starts in Germany’s Black Forest and continues through Austria and Hungary. Most passengers, however, disembark at this point before the river flows into the less inviting regions of Eastern Europe.

If you ask me, the Eastern European stretch is where the journey gets infinitely more interesting. As it meanders through Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria, the monasteries become more plentiful, the cities more rustic, and the nature more rugged. And of course, there is also the amazing delta which boats must pass through on their way to the Black Sea.

So, if you are considering a cruise, go for the gusto and ride that boat all the way to the Black Sea. You won’t regret it.