Club Med: Sexed Down and Family Friendly

The end of an era is over.

When Club Med first launched their all-inclusive resorts back in the 1960s, guests received complimentary condoms upon checking in. For the rest of the 20th century, Club Med became synonymous with swinging singles and a meat market mentality.

But with the arrival of AIDS the company began toning down their overt sexual nature. Equally as influential at the time was the realization that there might be a whole lot more money to be made with family friendly facilities instead of a bunch of single rooms populated by the likes of Lucky Pierre and his box of free condoms.

One by one, Club Meds around the world began incorporating children centers and family rooms.

Until just a few years ago, only two Club Meds remained that prohibited children under the age of 18. One was in Turks & Caicos and the other in Cancun, Mexico.

I had the fortune of visiting the Cancun location three years ago and found it a decent place. It was not my typical holiday location but I was burned out from work and just wanted a quick and relaxing escape–and that’s what Club Med is perfect for.

The age of Swinging Singles was long gone, however; there were a lot of couples and families with college students and very little hanky panky going on, which was just fine with me at the time. What was really appealing about the location, however, was that the age restriction meant no screaming babies or ten-year-olds running around screaming like babies.

All this has changed however.

Last year, Hurricane Wilma swept through the region and had its way with Club Med. It’s been closed and under renovation since. On November 11, it finally reopens after a $24 million investment. And, you guessed it; children are now allowed and family friendly facilities abound.

That leaves just Turks & Caicos. Better hurry before the next hurricane provides a convenient excuse to lower the age there as well.