Paradise is Launched

We posted a couple of months ago about a fantastic idea hatched by a couple of Brits: lease an exotic island for three years and populate it with a tribe of due-paying members who can visit up to three weeks a year.

Like so many semi-utopian ideas, we were all curious if this one would ever get off the ground. Well, the first boatload of tribespeople have finally arrived at the island and are gleefully getting things in order according to an article in Friday’s USA Today.

Vorovoro Island is part of the Fiji archipelago and is mostly deserted–which means that part of the time-share aspect is that tribe members have to give some of their time to help build. The 937 paid members of the tribe need to construct shelter and toilets and basically an entire infrastructure to survive. In the meantime, it’s tents and hospitality from some of the real locals living on another part of the island.

Tribe members who are not currently on the island can also participate in daily planning from the comfort of their own homes thanks to a live internet link powered by solar energy.

Check out the great online feature at USA Today which incorporates a number of pretty cool videos to give a much better idea of how things are shaping up in paradise.

Let’s hope it survives.