50 Best Adventure Tours

When National Geographic Traveler comes out with a listing of the world’s 50 best tours, they do so with somewhat of a familiar apology.

“Like many of our readers, the editors of National Geographic Traveler have always shied away from organized tours, feeling that unscripted, independent travel is the richest sort.”

We’ve said the same thing in similar words here on Gadling where we widely regard tours as playthings for wimps. There are exceptions, however. And National Geographic Traveler has located the very best of them.

Tours of a Lifetime: 50 of the World’s Best, canvases the globe with an amazing variety of action adventure tours with nary a “Walking Tour of the Louvre” in sight. Take, for example, the “Trekking in the Mountains of Poetry” tour in which adventurers backpack through Georgia’s amazing Caucasus Mountains, visit small villages and indulge in local wines. And no, that’s not the Georgia in the United States, folks!

Spend a moment to peruse through the other 49 trips offered. Most are quite expensive but sometimes that’s the price you have to pay for visiting such exotic and remote locations.