Luscious Latitudes Magazine

Lusciously photographed Latitudes Magazine has got a new issue out today and I take seriously my responsibility to let others know about this superb travel magazine. I hardly ever hear other people talking about Latitudes, and that is a shame. It is a lovely magazine with an Internet version that crackles with color and impresses with clever hidden “easter eggs” inside each online issue. There is always an Italian and English version, depending on your Latinate inclination, and in Windows you can actually download a full, bursting version of the magazine to your laptop so as to carry and read when wireless and on the road.

This month’s issue features jaw-dropping images from Amsterdam, Thailand, Los Roques (“An Eden in the Caribbean”), Slovenia and more. I’d link to the specific stories, but the whole thing is in Flash (one of the format’s drawbacks) and there’s no bookmarking function. But look at it this way: now you’ll have to browse the magazine yourself and to savor all the wonderful visual surprises inside. Or something like that.