Creating your own Online Travelogue

Traveling somewhere this holiday season and thinking about starting your own online travel blog to document your journey and share your adventures as they happen with your friends back home?

Well, you’re not alone.

Online travelogues are becoming the thing to do. Instead of sweating over some leather-bound journal with stained pages and smeared ink, legions of travelers are now typing away their travels and uploading photographs at cyber cafés from Angola to Zimbabwe.

The good news is that it no longer takes a web geek with an MIT degree to create a cool online travelogue. A number of sites now provide the know-how and memory to host idiot-proof blogs that anyone can create. Even an idiot.

The Times has published a short review of what they claim are the very best sites for creating your own online travelogue; TravelBlog, TravelPod, and GetJealous. Each provides room for photographs, text, interactive maps to chart out your travels, and a host of other features to make your journaling a breeze.