Photo of the Day (1/27/07)

BrideI’ve never been in a rush to find a knight in shining armor to rescue me from my free-spirited ways of globe trekking to entrap me in a kitchen to cook salmon croquettes and rice pilaf, but this smiling bride on her wedding day and her absolutely contagious smile makes me think differently. Perhaps conjuring tasty dinners for the hubby every night isn’t so bad and just maybe I won’t have to give up my days of traversing the globe.

Ah, but yes, this isn’t about me and my sad romantic tales or what not. This is about the beautiful woman to my right named Thushita. Photographed by E-R-G-O on her wedding day in Sri Lanka he notes that a wedding photographer asked why he wasn’t using a flash to get rid of the shadows. He says… “I wanted a bit of the real world and that has shadows.”

Shadow or no shadow the joy spread across her face is a bursting ray of light. Congrats to the glowing bride and glad to see E-R-G-O placing these jewels in the Gadling Flickr pool.