Word for the Travel Wise (02/06/07)

Sri Lanka FlagSeeing this music video from the Sri Lankan Tamil born artist M.I.A. yesterday reminded me that it is time for a lesson in the language and also world music. Now based out of England, M.I.A. still turns her focus to her homeland, making music that makes you think as well as move your feet. If you’re just as unfamiliar with M.I.A. as you are with the Sinhala language, I suggest getting with the program – at least one of them. (See comments for both “yes” and “no” in Tamil.)

Today’s word is a Sinhala word used in Sri Lanka:

– yes

English is spoken by ten percent of the population and Sinhala is the official and national language of the country. I’ve actually never tried to learn this one much, but judging from the alphabet it looks like a challenge. Omniglot has a great starter page on learning all the characters and use of this English to Sinhala dictionary could slowly help in distinguishing common travel words. Let’s Speak Sinhala offers lessons at a very small and reasonable fee. They appear to be one of the better Sinhala language-learning websites.

Past Sinhala words: hari shook, a da, ga ma, ida netu, purusha, sthree, Senasuraa da