Blogger Jonathon Morgan

1) Where was your photo taken: In a living room, in a house outside of London. I think this was right before a trip to Sweden, but really, I just posted it because of that kick-ass yellow hair. (I’ve aged a little since this photo was taken.)

2) Where do you live now: Austin, TX. Land of the Armadillo, Leslie the thong-clad, homeless celebrity, South by Southwest, and an absurdly high number of hipsters per capita. It’s also the self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World.”

3) Scariest airline flown: Ryan Air. I can’t believe that plane didn’t fall apart, and the surly Irish flight attendants nearly punched me in the face when I asked for a glass of water. On the plus side, it was cheap.

4) Favorite city/country/place: It’s really difficult to pick a favorite. Amsterdam is a great city, everything in Italy is beautiful, and the UK was my home for many years, so I’ll always think on it fondly. Even Texas is growing on me.

5) Most remote corner of the globe visited: Oshokoti, a town in northern Namibia near the Angolan border. It’s not that remote, but it was during a period of time when American tourists kept getting kidnapped on Angolan expeditions, so being that close made me feel like a real tough guy.

6) Favorite guidebook series: I’m not a big fan of guidebooks. A few printed web pages stuffed in my backpack gets me started, and I try to follow the locals after that.

7) First culture shock experience: Moving back to the US from the UK. I expected everything to be familiar, and it wasn’t.

8) The most unusual food I’ve ever eaten is… raw cow stomach.

9) Favorite means of transportation: I love traveling by train.

10) When I’m not writing for Gadling, I’m… writing about parenting, fitness, and style, running a performance company, and raising my 2 1/2 year-old daughter.