Moldova’s Wine Region

Moldova is one of the only former republics of the Soviet Union I have yet to visit. Sure, it’s the poorest country in Europe and has its share of problems, but it is also home to a wonderful wine region that is virtually unknown outside the old borders of the USSR.

According to Leif Pettersen, writing for Lonely Planet, the wine is not only excellent, it is also shockingly affordable. And, like any good wine region worth its grapes, tourists can go wine tasting throughout the area.

Certainly the most famous winery is Milestii Mici. Blessed with 200 kilometers of wine cellars that hold over two million bottles, Milestii Mici is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as having the world’s largest wine collection. Wow. One can literally disappear underground and as long as he brings with him enough cheese, there really is no reason to ever surface again.

And the best news of all? Moldova has dropped its visa requirements for Americans and EU passport holders. Now one can breeze in and out without all the hassles of arranging a visa. That means there is no longer an excuse for ignoring this fine country.