SUBIOS, Seychelles’ Annual Underwater Film and Image Festival

If you love the ocean, scuba diving, movies, island living and luxury than here is the perfect place for you. From March 19-25, SUBIOS, Seychelles’ annual underwater film festival will take visitors on a unique excursion to the deep.

Expert cinematographers and photographers from around the world will guest speak about the work they do to capture underwater images in documentaries and exhibitions. This is a chance to be awestruck and inspired to do your own work–or simply marvel at other people’s.

A photography and video competition are also part of this event. Unfortunately, the deadline for this year’s entries was yesterday, but you can keep this in mind for a next year possibility as a way to showcase your talents. Use this year to get an idea of what kind of talent you are up against. From the looks of the photos on the website, the competion looks steep. Did I say breathtakingly gorgeous?

If you can’t make it to the Seychelles in the next few weeks, April/May and October/November are the best months for swimming, snorkelling and diving.