Glamping, and other puzzling trends in travel

Glamping, or glamorous camping — a new buzzword popping up in publications across the globe (a Google search yields 400+ results already) — is becoming a trend among the more fortunate, and less adventurous of travelers looking to “rough it” in the outdoors. From Yahoo,

“In British Columbia, Canada, the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, a 30-minute boat ride from the town of Tofino, is offering “glamping” on a fjord on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Tents have Persian carpets, down duvets and even electricity. There’s a sauna and hot tubs on site, and activities including fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, hikes and wildlife-watching.”

Persian carpets and down duvets isn’t really considered “roughing it” in my book, but whatever. Another trend in faux budget travel to watch out for: Costeling, or staying in costly hostels. When you see the term costeling pop up in various places, remember where you heard it first!