Surfing the Amazon

The pororoca is a Brazilian tidal bore boasting waves up to 12 feet high that roll as much as 8 miles up the Amazon River. Originating where the River meets the Atlantic Ocean, the phenomenon occurs in February and March. Though beautiful, the waves are dangerous, as they often carry with them lots of debris, including entire trees.

Not surprisingly, the wave action has become popular with surfers and kayakers. In fact, every year since 1999, an annual championship has been held in São Domingos do Capim. In 2003, Brazilian Picuruta Salazar won the event, riding an amazing 7.7 miles for 37 minutes. Basically, it went something like this:

If you want to learn more about surfing the Amazon, check out this stellar documentary or visit Fogonazos’ photo gallery of pororoca surfers.

[Via Neatorama]