Bicycle of the Future: The Suitcase Bike?

RideTHISbike is reporting that a suitcase bike is (finally) in production. Aimed at cyclists that want to conveniently and quickly protect their bike on a regular basis, the suitcase bike folds neatly and quickly into its protective case, keeping the cyclist clean and the bike undamaged. The bike meets airline checked baggage weight/size specs and the suitcase’s built-in rollers allow the bike to be wheeled through congested airports, train stations, hotel corridors or narrow office hallways almost effortlessly and without unwanted attention.

So far, all the images are computer-generated and not actual photos of the bike, so it’s a bit unclear how long it’ll be before these wheels are ready to roll. However, for urban dwellers who also have to ride the subway, or for people who don’t want to store their bikes outside, this might be a very cool idea. Check out the video, to see what the $400-or-so bike will look like.

[Via Spluch]