Where to go to Disappear off the Face of the Planet

Want to disappear and never be found?

Such a desire is increasingly difficult in these modern times when internet cafes and satellite telephones reach nearly every corner of the globe.

Escaping the world and living off the grid is the theme of a recent article by Elisabeth Eaves for Forbes Magazine. Eaves discuses the challenges that modern-day technology poses for those who want to disappear, then recommends eight places where one can actually do so. Naturally, most of the places I’ve never heard of (otherwise they wouldn’t be off the grid, now would they?).

Take for example, Tristan da Cunha, a tiny archipelago populated by just 300 people and only reachable by a five-day boat trip from Cape Town, South Africa. Or, there is the Darien Gap between Panama and Columbia where one of the cons listed is, “foreigners occasionally kidnapped.”

Of the places I’ve heard of, Papua New Guinea, Kamchatka, and Mongolia I’ve only been to one: Mongolia. If the other seven locations are even half as remote as what I saw in Mongolia, you can truly expect to disappear for a long time.