Photo Gallery of Really, Really Bad Hotel Rooms

A bad hotel is usually the last place I’d think of taking a photo of while on vacation. Usually, I try to repress even the memory of a bad hotel immediately after leaving.

But not all folks.

MSNBC recently held a contest for readers to submit photos of their worst hotel stays. Yes, there are indeed travelers in this world so disgusted by their hotel room that they document it with photographs.

MSNBC has taken the very best (i.e. worst) photos and have populated two galleries with such joy. I was, however, rather disappointed that MSNBC doesn’t identify any of the hotels pictured (can you say lawsuit?).

Nonetheless, the cringe-worthy photos are still worth a visit. In addition to the expected various stains and other filth, the galleries have some rather amusing shots as well. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Graffiti in a closet
  • Hot dogs left in the room safe
  • Boa constrictor in the shower
  • Bloodstained pillow