Spend a Day–At Least–Immersed in the Rockies

There are few destinations as breathtaking as the Rocky Mountains. I’ve lived near them all my life, and while there are many things about my home city that I loathe, the Rockies always make coming home exciting. No summer of mine is complete without a few days spent in the mountains, breathing in the pine-y air and taking in the amazing views.

If you’re headed to the Alberta Rockies area and you’re moderately in shape, a hike in the Rockies is a must. We’re not talking 10-day back country excursions — a day hike on a popular trail will allow you to immerse yourself in nature without having to worry about bears. Need some suggestions? Here’s a list of some popular hiking trails in Alberta’s Rockies that you can conquer in a few hours. My personal favourite is Johnston Canyon. Bring a picnic, some comfy shoes and your camera — You won’t regret it.