Safari USA; Where to See Wild Animals in America

Somewhere on most everyone’s list of Things to do before they Die is to go on Safari in Africa. Unfortunately because of the cost and logistics of getting to Africa, most people will actually die before crossing this off their list.

There are some alternatives, however.

How about going on Safari in America?

Kathy Baruffi and Nancy Schretter have put together a nice little list in USA Today of 10 great places to go on safari – in the USA.

I was happy to see that the list (for the most part) does not include safari theme parks where the animals are trapped by fences, but rather those places where one can easily view wild animals wander past on their way to the local watering hole.

The suggestions range from Denali National Park in Alaska (“grizzly bears, sheep and moose”) to the Florida Everglades National Park (“manatees, crocodiles, deer, wild hogs, alligators, roseate spoonbills, great blue herons, hawks, eagles”).

Sure, it ain’t the Serengeti and you’re not going to see lions chomping down on unlucky gazelles, but it’s the next best thing.