Swim Wear for Muslim Women and More

Reading the magazines of people you visit is a great way to learn new things. The last time I did this I was at my son’s friend’s grandparents’ house for a birthday party and found out about the Life Straw. Recently, while on a trip to visit some friends in Seattle, I read about new swimsuits designed for Muslim women. According to the Time magazine article (July 30) by Lisa Fitzpatrick, the Burqinis (cross between burqa and a bikini) are stretchy, lightweight, UV resistant and follow the edicts of Islamic law. They go from wrist to ankle and cover the head. Think scuba gear, but more roomy.

As it turns out, more women are interested in them than just Muslims. Burn victims, people with sensitive skin, women who want to avoid skin cancer, people who aren’t comfortable beaching it with traditional swimsuits etc, are buying them. There are customers worldwide. The two Muslim women who designed them are pleased with their success. Here’s another story about this beach wear that allows for summer fun for everyone who wants and needs it.