What’s in Your Pack, Nick Hawkins?

Meet Nick Hawkins: IT buff, traveler, and amateur photographer. By the looks of what’s in his pack, he’s far from amateur! So, Nick, what exactly is all this stuff?

“My camera bag started out as a smaller bag that went into my backpack and has now morphed into 20+ pounds of lenses and other stuff, requiring me to get a LowePro Computrekker Plus AW. I throw my laptop in there as well so I can watch movies on the plane and lay the photos out in Adobe Lightroom while I’m at the hotel at night. I don’t have any dream aspirations about having a photo on the cover of National Geographic or Conde Nast (but it would be awesome, though), but I’d rather hit that 1 in a 100 photo where it looks awesome and friends like it. Plus, having a digital SLR with a bag full of lenses means any person who has the same gear that you have is your new friend. They also get the looks of disdain from people with point and shoot cameras who only care about megapixels, so they know how you feel.”

1) Canon Digital Rebel XT
2) Canon EOS 40D
3) 12GB of CF cards, 8GB of SD/SDHC cards
4) Garmin eTrex Legend GPS (for geotagging photos and to make myself
look like a bigger nerd)
5) Canon Speedlite 430EX Flash
6) Camera remotes
7) Canon 17-40mm L lens
8) Canon 24-105mm L lens
9) Canon 100-400mm L lens
10) Epson P-2000 photo storage device
11) Hyperdrive Space photo storage device
12) Joby Gorillapod SLR with Manfrotto head
13) Batteries
14) Brunson Monocular (if it’s good enough for Jack Bauer, it’s good
enough for me)
15) camera filters
16) battery magazine for my XT
17) Lens hoods.
18) My crackberry so my boss doesn’t yell at me.
19) Chargers
20) Travel adapter
21) Compass to help me find my way
22) Stolen hotel pens + Space pen
23) Random cables
24) memory card readers
25) Gerber 4 in 1 LED flashlight
26) Accessory ‘beaner with CF card pouch
27) Shure headphones
28) iPod video
29) Red Meat coffee mug (“Drunk at 7 am”)
30) iPod charger (doubles as my ‘anything USB’ charger)
31) Ranger beads
32) Moleskine journal
33) Oakley polarized sunglasses
34) Giottos rocket blower
35) Canon Powershot TX1 (used to take this photo)
36) Flash diffuser so I don’t blind people.

Thanks, Nick!

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