Any of you East or West Coasters want to go to El Salvador?

Delta just launched a fare sale from Washington, New York and San Francisco to the Central American capitol of El Salvador, San Salvador. For just over two hundred bucks, you can get away from the torrential rains of the early spring for a long weekend on the Pacific.

Sounds great huh? The best part is that El Salvador hasn’t really gotten up to speed on the whole tourist thing yet. With the whole civil war back in the eighties and a perennially slow economy, you’re going to find a fair amount of peace and quiet, free from the spring break crowd and throngs of cruise-bound tourists. It could be that perfect long weekend away from the office and your statistical analysis software that you’ve been fighting with.

Use a flex search on Kayak or to find availability. Minimum stay is three days (so you’ll have to take off Monday) and availability only seems to go through late May early June. Be patient an flexible and you’ll find something — I just brought up several dates in sample bookings. Your total price should be about 231$.

Check out the Lonely Planet guide to the country if you want some inspiration, although take it with a grain of salt. LP could make Somalia look rustic, off the beaten path and hip.