An alternate route into Clear Security

You may have heard about Clear, the new airport security lanes that have been popping up at airports all over the country. They offer an “enhanced” security screening, where they initially take your iris and finger prints then you can fly through their special security lanes without waiting in line for TSA and the other schlubs. Willy wrote about their rollout last year.

You may have also, like me, taken a quick look into the service, discovered the 128$ enrollment fee then abandoned your research right there. I don’t know you, but it’s worth 128$ for me to stand in line for the regular screening.

There may be an alternate route to Clear memberdom though. Apparently, members of Hyatt’s Platinum rewards program can enroll in a free year of Clear because of their exalted special status. But there’s also a promo going on right now where you can get Hyatt Platinum for free after one stay.

Just sign up on the special Hyatt page and next time you’re traveling for work, book a Hyatt room. After that, check out the special Clear page (which I also happen to have), and BANG. You’re all set.

You can weird out about all of the information that Clear collects from you later while you’re sending me a thank you card.

[Update, Marriott Rewards members are now eligible too!]