Strike now, while Naples is hurting!

Following a well publicized trash crisis in Naples earlier this year, tourism has plummeted in the Southern Italian city. Despite the fact that rubbish has been cleaned up and the streets are cleaner than ever, images of the garbage bags piled high in the streets have driven tourists away and the hotels and restaurants are now empty.

Which is exactly why it’s time to go to Naples
. Hotels expect to be booked at 30% of capacity through the summer, so they and anything related to tourism alike are going to be hurting for business. So you can probably get a great deal on packages to the city while demand is low.

If you’re quick, you might even be able to get in on one of the recent deals that hotels have been offering: since street crime has been so out of hand over the last years, some properties have been giving away plastic watches to wear on the street instead of wearing your expensive jewelery.

A cheap hotel room AND a free watch? What a bargain!