Daily deal: Duracell portable USB battery pack

Today’s daily deal is for the Duracell DR7000LI portable USB battery pack. If you read my review yesterday of the Kensington ultra portable battery pack, you’ll understand the convenience of carrying backup power on your trip.

The Duracell DR7000LI has an internal Lithium-Ion battery pack with a 1000mAh capacity. This is slightly lower than the Kensington I reviewed, but still perfectly sufficient for charging an iPod or your mobile phone several times.

The DR7000LI does not include an AC adapter, so in order to charge it, you’ll need to hook it up to your PC, or purchase a separate AC charger with a USB port.

Included in the package is a USB to mini-USB cable for connecting the battery pack to your Blackberry or other device with a mini-USB connector. For charging your iPod, iPhone or other product, you’ll need to bring the appropriate USB cable which is usually included with your device. There are no buttons on the battery pack, so it’s simply a matter of plug and charge.

Next time you find yourself stuck at the airport with a dead mobile phone, or halfway over the ocean with an empty iPod battery, simply grab your portable power pack and you’ll be making phone calls or watching a movie before you know it.

It’s on sale today for just $19.99 over at Amazon.com which is a $10 savings over the normal price. Add an additional $5.01 to reach the threshold Amazon free super saver shipping.