Hot towel? Sure, in my pocket.

Japanese Pill Towels from ThinkGeekIn these tough economic times, we can’t always afford to fly first class, or on those airlines that bring everyone hot towels. And we want those hot towels. We want them hard.

Well, now you can bring your own, and in pill form! These crazy pills from Japan work just like those little foam dinosaurs you used to “hatch” as a kid. Submerge them in warm water and they become 11″ x 9″ hand towels.

The pills, or “towel seeds,” as they are called, are harvested every year from the Towel Tree Plantation just outside of Tokyo.*

Know what else becomes a hot hand towel if you submerge it in hot water? A hand towel. But that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

You can get a vial of 10 pills on for just $7.99. It’ll be the most fun you’ve had in the airplane bathroom since you joined the mile high club! Seriously, these would also come in super handy for camping and backpacking.