‘Jumbo’ hostel opens for business at Stockholm airport

Earlier this fall, Scott posted about a unique hostel option at Stockholm-Arlanda airport.

There, a rich businessman has bought an old Boeing 747 jumbo jet and refurbished it. Now it is a hostel, offering accommodation for 85 people, and it is finally open for business at the entrance of the airport.

While this is undeniably an interesting place to stay, it’s perhaps a little too early to say whether this concept will connect with travelers. For one thing, the Jumbo Hostel is decidedly more expensive than a normal hostel — EUR 110 per night for basic accommodation — even in somewhat pricey Stockholm.

Then again, the hostel is obviously convenient to the airport, and there are short stay options for around EUR 25 that are perfect for people connecting through Stockholm on long haul flights and are looking for a little rest.

Those looking to splurge can get rooms in the upper deck, or opt for the cockpit suite for around EUR 500 a night.