Travel to France for free on the Jet Lag Study

If you’ve always wanted to go to France but have never had the money or means, your opportunity may have just come knocking. Clinilabs, a New York City-based team focused on the study of sleep disorders is sponsoring a study on jet lag, the feeling of lost sleep and incorrect body time when you cross into a different time zone. And to complete the study you have to spend time in both of their research facilities — one in New York and one in France.

They’ll pay you up to $2,500 for your work, including a few days in Midtown New York and a few days in France.

Right, you say, what’s the catch? Well, from what I’ve read of first hand accounts, here’s how things loosely go: you basically have to get to the City two or three times on your own for some initial tests and an overnight stay. After that, you come back to NYC, catch a private Gulfstream jet out to a facility near the French – Swiss border then hang out an in a lab staring at the bucolic countryside with electrodes attached to you for a few days. Two weeks after you get back, you get a check in the mail.

So will you be sitting in Paris cafés sipping Champagne, eating baguette and staring at the Eifel Tower? Nope. But will you get to fly in a private jet, see some of the French countryside and make twenty five hundred bucks? Yep. Heck, I would do it.

Rumor has it that they’re taking applications again in January. Check out the site here for more info.

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