Drunk flight attendant escorted off plane and arrested

When Anthony Shlyshen showed up for work at Gatwick Airport he had had a few–actually several. According to this article, Shlyshen was more than three sheets to the wind when he thought he might be able to manage his easy Jet Airbus shift. Maybe he envisioned the plane’s narrow aisle would keep him from weaving too much, and holding onto the seats from time to time would keep him steady. The pilot thought otherwise and called the police who showed up to escort Shlyshen off the plane.

A breathalyser test showed that his alcohol level was 182 mcg, eight times over the legal alcohol limit for work. It was twice the level for driving. Given his age, 48, I’m wondering why he just didn’t call in sick. By 48, one would probably recognize what being schnockered looks like to other people, particularly those who are trained to notice.

Now Shlyshen could be facing jail time. A fine is guaranteed. Calling in sick would have definitely been the cheaper option.

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