American accent impersonations: Is that really how we sound?

Okay, we may not think about our accent much, but we have one–and yes, the American accent can be a funny one. But do we really sound as bad as that?

Urlesque points us to a few videos with a ‘how ’bout them apples’ look at our accent, as attempted by non-Americans. Some are just painful to watch. (Karma for all of those times you attempted an Irish brogue on St. Paddy’s Day?) Others fall in and out of their own. But job well done to the few who could pass as fellow countrymen. They lead off in their native accents for comparison, then easily make the switch into American.

I have to give them credit–it’s hard to do. If you’re like me, you might be able to get away with a word or two in a foreign accent. But ask me to keep it going consistently over several sentences, and I’m either going to make up my own version of the accent, or fall back into American.

Perfect or not, it makes you think about something that usually goes unnoticed, until you’re facing a regional accent or trying out a foreign one. Have a listen.