Here’s a tip: teaching your girlfriend to drive on an airport runway is a bad idea

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the Philippines’ top aviation official, Frisco Santo Domingo, has been suspended because of the hijinks of his son, which resulted in a near collision with a commercial plane.

According to the story, the pilot of the airplane, filled with 80 passengers, was forced to abort a landing, narrowly escaping a collision with the van of the official’s son Luis, as Luis taught his girlfriend how to drive on the runway. Luis, who lives near the airport, admitted that he often used the runway to give his girlfriend driving lessons, and also used it as a shortcut to get back to his home, which is near the airport.

So let me get this straight: a grown man took his girlfriend to an active runway to teach her to drive, causing his airport-executive dad to lose his job? Wow.

Bless his girlfriend’s heart.