Gadling + Bootsnall – Picks of the Week (5.8.09)

Here we are, back again for another weekly roundup of links from our travel friends at BootsnAll. It’s been two weeks (sorry, the Swine Flu had us preoccupied). But don’t despair, we’ve journeyed far and wide, from the jungles of Sri Lanka, to the Savannahs of Africa and through the Capitals of Europe to bring you this week’s picks. What did we find? Check it out:

  • Sri Lanka in Photos – Dominic DeGrazier could have gone anywhere for his recent sabbatical. He chose Sri Lanka, the tiny island nation just off the coast of India. While he was there, Dominic fell in love with the lush scenery, vibrant colors and frenzied street life. Check out this link to see some of his photos and read a few of his observations on the country.
  • It’s just Africa – say the word “Africa” to many travelers, and you frequently evoke some strong negative reactions. An entire landmass of varied countries is characterized as one giant continent, rife with poverty, danger and disease. Laura Claire-Corson wants to set the record straight. She’s got a few reasons why every traveler should check out Africa at least once. It’s easier to visit than you think, incredibly diverse and an experience you’re not soon to forget.
  • FREE Europe – earlier this year, Gadling took a look at how you can make that trip to Europe a reality, even if you’re on a tight budget. Cristina Dima is backing us up – she’s got a list of 12 of the best FREE European attractions you should check out. How can you say no to free museums and attractions? Take a look.
  • Food for thought – food is such a huge motivator for travel. Whether its eating sushi in Japan or an authentic bowl of pasta in Rome, food is a language that reveals the true details of destination’s culture. And one of the best places to experience food while traveling is the local market, where you can get some fresh specialities. Katie Hammel takes a look at eight of her favorite markets from around the globe.
  • Going it alone – face it. At some point the travel bug is going to sneak up and you and none of your friends and family will be able to come along. Have you considered trying a trip by yourself? JoAnna Haugen weighs to pros and cons of solo travel in her recent post. There’s plenty of reasons to give it a try – read her post and decide for yourself if a solo trip is right for you.

Sorry…we’re fresh out of great BootsnAll links for this Friday. Why not check back next week, when we’ll be standing by with another round of great Gadling + BootsnAll Picks of the Week.