One&Only Palmilla’s New Villa Redefines Los Cabos Luxury

Set foot in One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico, and it’s pretty clear there isn’t a bad room in the house. Elegantly designed restaurants feature carefully constructed menus, and the beach is within easy reach of just about any spot on the property. But, sometimes privacy is paramount. Or, you’d like a bit more special attention than you’d get at the average upscale resort. When your needs are more complex, it’s time to book a stay at the property’s new villa. The four-bedroom escape-within-an-escape leaves nothing to chance.

While not dislocated from the property, the villa is out of the way. Hotel staff will take you to the large front door of this gated retreat by golf cart. An attendant will usher you in, and the world will begin to look different instantly. A staff of 12 works the villa, attending to everything from on-demand spa treatments (a therapist is on call) to private culinary requirements. The staff-to-guest ratio can be quite high, especially if a family of four occupies the villa, but the resort team, I’m told, remains unobtrusive.

Two master suites bookend the property. Each has a deep, large tub and walk-in shower, extra-large vanity and private terrace. The two “smaller” bedrooms include separate bathrooms and terraces, as well. The arrangement assures privacy for every guest even within the villa, without segmenting the experiences of people who choose to travel together.


Anchoring the bedrooms is the central living space, which is decked out with high-end electronics and has walls carefully adorned with appropriate art – both of which are themes throughout the entire villa. The space is airy and open, a feeling enhanced by the large windows and sliding glass doors that open onto the main terrace and provide stunning views of the beach. Push through the doors, and you’re welcomed into what could be the setting for a thriving party scene or a serene hideout where you can enjoy the murmur of the waves undisturbed. Depending on your taste, you can sit at the full outside bar and sip your favorite spirit or take your glass over to the outdoor fireplace – the perfect way to pass an evening.

For the chronic workaholic, the villa has an office equipped for internet access, video conferencing and the other activities that keep you engaged when you shouldn’t be. The high-backed chair and leather floor add a touch of comfort to the time you spend spoiling your getaway. In all fairness to those who have to stay in touch, the on-property office may help alleviate the anxiety of wondering what’s going on while you’re away.

The price of convenience is high. Expect to drop from $8,000 to $12,000 a night for Palmilla’s villa. And, there are minimum stays of seven nights for some parts of the year. If you were thinking that this would make a great Christmas getaway, play (way) ahead. The space is booked for the next two of them already.

The Palmilla villa accommodates eight comfortably, though you can host parties that are much larger – just send everyone away when you feel like it, and spend some time enjoying the solitude of your private beach.

Disclosure: The Los Cabos Tourism Board picked up the tab for this trip. But, if you know me, you know I don’t do anyone favors. The opinions are definitely my own.