SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel

As part of Hotel Month here at Gadling, I’m excited to write about SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles. Why am I so excited? Because I don’t really stay at hotels that often. I’m more of an apartment renter when I travel. But on a recent trip to Los Angeles, I spent a night at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood and enjoyed its best feature: SkyBar. I may not be a hotel guy, but I am a bar guy.

Located next to the magnificent pool (see above) and with an amazing view of the city below, SkyBar is an impressive space. Pillows and couches make patrons comfortable while they sip mojitos and enjoy the scene. It’s definitely an LA vibe, as people dress to impress and crowds gather late into the evening to check each other out, take business and be seen. But the combination of the illuminated pool, city views and beautiful people creates an experience that tickles all of your senses.

How enticing is the scene at SkyBar? I had a meeting scheduled the day I was staying at the Mondrian. I offered to make my way to my colleague’s office but she insisted that we meet over drinks at SkyBar. He response to my email: “I assure you that SkyBar has a lot more to offer than my office!” And she was right.

In the afternoon, you can casually enjoy a drink and good conversation in the cozy space. And as the sun sets and the crowds flock, everything gets sexier.

If you have a chance, grab a room at the Mondrian while you’re at it. The sleek, modern decor meshes well with the vibe at SkyBar. And you won’t have to worry about how you’re getting home after all those drinks.

Overall, SkyBar is impressive while not being overly pretentious. If you’re in LA and need a place to impress some clients, a date or just hang out with friends, SkyBar should be high on your list.