Gadling Take FIVE: Week of July 10-July 17

We are halfway through Hotel Month at Gadling and have added blogger Katie Hammel who is afraid of flying but has not let that stopped her from becoming a world traveler.

Here are items you may have missed that might astonish, surprise you or give you pause.

  • First up, Stephen’s post on Pet Airways. When I first heard about this airlines, I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not. It’s not.
  • Next, there’s Scott’s story about the family who left their son at a rest stop bench and had to drive back 200 miles to retrieve him.
  • Mike discovered that not all people are thrilled with the risque Air New Zealand videos where body paint is a prominent feature.
  • In the arena of natural wonder, Kraig has a post on the new geyser that erupted in Russia
  • As a person who has been traveling through Montana, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico these last two weeks, Tom’s post on the fishing package deal at the Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa caught my eye. Very sweet. If you’re in the area, sort of, head to Bannack, a ghost town in Montana. You won’t be disappointed.