Inside Zurich’s finest hotel, Baur au Lac

Zurich is famous as the financial and cultural capital of Switzerland, a vibrant metropolis of over 1.6 million residents, a city full of sharply intelligent, extremely focused, well-dressed people. It’s a clean, refreshing environment, with culture and class balanced perfectly to create the ideal city and tourist destination.

Baur au Lac
, arguably the best hotel in the city, reflects these traits perfectly. A boutique, five star member of the Leading Hotels of the World, Baur au Lac (literally, Baur hotel on the Lake) is nestled at the foot of the designer shopping district among the waterfront, canals and lush green parks of Zurich. And with a series of recent renovations, they’ve catapulted to the front of technology, style and culture.

Externally, the first thing that a visitor might notice when visiting Baur au Lac is the Rolls Royce Phantom. This year’s model, it’s just one in a fleet of several luxury vehicles at the hotel’s disposal for picking up guests at the airport or for running errands around to city. And it’s the sort of opulence that guest can used to during their stay.

%Gallery-73743%Before one even enters the proper hotel, it’s best to take a peek into the remodeled Terrasse, a sprawling, stone patio with covered, outdoor seating for light snacks, a full bar and a commanding view over the park just in front of the property. This is a great place for a business lunch, snack before going out into the city or evening beverage before a night out on the town, complete with ample shade, bustling waitstaff and a cool atmosphere.

The adjacent Pavillion Restaurant has also been remodeled and features the finest, modern Mediterranean fare.

Internally, Baur au Lac has just finished a massive remodel to reflect today’s style and culture. It’s difficult to tell from the 1844 architecture outside and the awe that one feels when stepping into the main lobby, but each room reflects all of the current state of the art in hotel quality, complete with flat screen televisions, sprawling, cavernous bathrooms and butler service on every floor.

Specific to this remodel, are the stunning new suites. This year, Baur au Lac finished an extensive remodel to create 22 of them, each an outstanding model of contemporary design and aesthetic. For those in the more traditional frame of mind, classic suites are still available.

You can read more about the hotel at their extensive website, where bookings and other photos of the new suites are available.