Stand out in a crowd — design your own headphones with iFrogz

Tired of the same old bland headphones? iFrogz may have just what you need – especially if you have a bit of creativity. Their EarPollution earbuds and headphones can be configured exactly the way you want them. The process is both simple and fun, and once done, you’ll actually have a pair of headphones that you won’t find anywhere else.

To design the $34.99 NervePipe headphones, you pick a headband, sidepieces, hinges, speakers, ear cushions and artwork. When designing the headphones, you may want things color coordinated, or you may just want to go insane with gold hinges and fuzzy earpieces.

A similar design process is available for the Flow earphones (in-ear). These $19.95 earphones let you pick the base color, rim and artwork.

My very own custom designed NervePipes! As you can tell, I went the “obnoxious” route with red, blue, gold and yellow. The headphones fold up nicely and the entire design feels very sturdy.

What goes well with gold, red, blue and yellow? That’s right – purple! Of course, as with any pair of headphones, audio is important, and the NervePipes don’t disappoint. They feature large drivers, with plenty of bass.

I had a ton of fun designing my own headphones – the final product may not win me any prizes from the art community, but they are mine – and that just feels pretty damn cool.

The price of the headphones is very reasonable, audio is great, and best of all – you end up with something you can really call your own.