Photo of the Day (01.23.10)

Pictures of animals are always a crowd pleaser. But while everyone oohs and ahhs over the cuddly creatures, the story of what is actually happening is often lost. This picture, by Flickr user Jenna Schnuer (who is also one of the talented writers at the fantastic Flyover America blog), allows us to get a sense of what these penguins were thinking that day in Cape Town, South Africa. From what I can tell, the female penguin standing in the middle is married to the penguin on the right. Her husband has been coming home late recently and often smells like another penguin. Today, she found another female’s feathers in his beak. He just told her that it’s not what it looks like but, as you can tell, she’s not buying it. She’s packed her things to stay with her mother (the penguin on the left).

The animal kingdom is truly fascinating.

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