Daily Pampering: Go bobsledding in the rainforest

Just like Cool RunningsDid you enjoy watching the bobsledding in Vancouver this year? Well, why not make the bobsled part of your next island vacation?

Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica at Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, should be high on your list. You don’t need snow to bobsled, and they’ve got the 3,280-foot track to prove it. Not only will your need for speed be satisfied, but you also get to ride the SkyExplorer chairlift (yes, that’s a chairlift through the rainforest) and you can enjoy some fine Caribbean cuisine at Mystic Dining at 700 feet. Feel like a swim up there? There’s an infinity pool on the edge of the mountain overlooking the lush rainforest below. Usain Bolt, a Jamaican sprinter and three-time Olympic gold medalist and World Champion gold medalist, is a regular.

Furthermore, in case you’re interested, the whole Mystic Mountain complex is eco-friendly. Even the chairlift foundations were installed via helicopter to minimize the environmental impact of the project.

Adults and children can ride the gravity-driven bobsled track for $62 apiece. Your SkyExplorer ride is included in the price.

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