Graffiti vandal told to return to Singapore to receive his caning

A British Graffiti artist is wanted by Singapore to face charges of vandalism. Lloyd Dale Alexander sprayed his tags on a Singapore tube train, but fled the country after a warrant for his arrest was issued.

Singapore does not take kindly to graffiti – and if convicted, Alexander could face a $1500 fine, three years in jail and three to eight strokes of a cane.

The caning wouldn’t even be the first for a vandalism case – in 1994, American teenager Michael Fay was caned four times. His sentence was reduced from 6, after a plea by President Clinton. And don’t underestimate how effective caning is:

Fay revealed that, at the end of his punishment, his buttocks were bleeding only slightly, that he needed no immediate medical treatment, and that he was able to walk, albeit with “a lot of pain”.

So, next time you are guest in Singapore, remember to respect their laws or you too might be on the receiving end of a caning.