Daily Pampering: Guided walks around the world

Usually when we discuss the luxe life, we talk about things being brought to us, not about things we have to go out and get ourselves. After all, the very foundation of ‘pampering’ comes from people being waited on, so why would anything in Daily Pampering ever require us to move from our comfy spot anywhere around the world? Well, because some of life’s luxuries are simply worth seeing for yourself.

Country Walkers, the guided walking travel company, has just introduced new Guided Duo Adventures, which combines two tours into one. These tours are perfect for travelers who want to linger a little longer at the chilled limoncello-making stand in Sorrento or sip a few more varietals in France’s Bordeaux region. You can choose to explore the world from Morocco, Croatia, Peru, Switzerland, Italy, and more.

The trips range from easy walking levels (2 – 6 miles) to challenging walking levels (6 – 14 miles) and are all conducted by local guides. A few of our favorites for this fall include:

Laos & Vietnam trip from $5,898/person
Umbria/Amalfi from $8,648/person
Sicily & the Aeolian Islands from $3398/person

Now what’s stopping you from seeing the world?

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