Photo of the Day (9.4.2010)

One of my all-time favorite things in the whole world is riding second class buses in foreign countries. Though I could probably now afford to travel on a bigger budget than in my early 20s, I prefer the experiences of public transportation. It’s not just mingling with locals and experiencing eight hours bouncing on a bus with no shocks; I also love the sheer gaudiness of it all: the loud music or TV, bright lights, livestock, crowds – all of it delights me endlessly. And another thing I love about these buses? The decorations. Whether it’s idols and fringe in India, Mary figurines in Mexico or incense sticks in China, care is always taken to make sure the buses are decked out to the gods’ satisfaction. These buses, shot by Flickr user andreakw in Bhutan, also seem to be appeasing the wary traveler. Who doesn’t feel safe traveling on a bus painted with cheerful rainbows?

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