Lagoon Park to add new family coaster – Bombora in 2011

Lagoon Park's 2011 roller coaster - BomboraUtah’s Lagoon Park is building a new roller coaster that’s set to debut in 2011. Little is known about the ride, but the park has revealed that its name will be Bombora. A Lagoon Park spokesman also confirmed rumors that it will be a family roller coaster. This means that it shouldn’t be taller than three or four stories and its top speed should be rather tame. Lagoon Park’s website shares little information, but thanks to construction photos popping up on the Web we know that it will have traditional sitdown-style trains and a blue steel track. Also, theme park fan site Lagoon Is Fun has posted a Christmas card that the park sent out as a teaser.

Lagoon’s last new roller coaster was the thrilling Wicked in 2007. The Zierer-designed launched roller coaster boasts two launches, a zero-g roll, and a 90-degree drop. I know that many coaster enthusiasts want every roller coaster to be bigger and faster than the last, but Bombora should serve as a reminder that amusement parks need to cater to families too. Not every new roller coaster can be an intense, white knuckle thrill ride.

[Photo Credit: Flickr user zaui]