5 strategies for beating jet lag

jet lagWhen traveling, jet lag can really put a damper on plans. Instead of struggling to make it through the day and spending sleepless nights tossing and turning in your hotel room, try these five strategies that help to beat jet lag.

Practice before you leave

Before you leave for your trip, begin resetting your biological clock for the time zone you will soon be entering. About three days before your are set to fly, shift your bedtime by and hour or two in the appropriate direction. If you do this, it will be a lot easier to adjust once you land.Don’t sleep until bedtime

This is the most important rule when it comes to battling jet lag. Until it is nighttime in the city you are in, do not lay down. Go for walks, take in some sights, try out a new restaurant…anything but sleep. On the other hand, do not let your body stay up all night if it is not tired. You need to work to get yourself adjusted to the time difference.

Take care on yourself during the flight

There are many things travelers should be doing while on an airplane to keep themselves healthy. Drink lots of water and limit alcohol so that you stay hydrated and make sure you get up to stretch your legs frequently to avoid blood clots. While international flights often offer free beer and wine, skip it and opt for good old H2O. Your body will thank you when you are not dozing off during your afternoon bus tour.

Know your body

There are a few things to consider when booking your flight. Most importantly, how well do you sleep on planes? If you are not likely to get shut-eye during your flight, book your itinerary so that you land during the evening of your destination and can go right to sleep. However, if you know you’ll be able to sleep soundly in the air, it is wise to land at your destination during the day so you will be energized and ready to explore.

Think positive

Remember, you are in a new city and there is a lot to do. Think positive and stay excited about learning about a new culture, trying new foods, and taking great photographs. Sign up for tours that you find exciting and book excursions that will keep you active while quenching your curiosity.