New Chinese Skyscraper Resembles A Pair Of Pants

RMJM building

China is well known for innovative architecture, like their rooftop bike club, The Piano House and the China Central Television Headquarters. Their newest endeavor, however, takes novelty to a new level, being touted as one of the world’s strangest skyscrapers. Costing $700 million, the Gate to the East skyscraper in Suzhou is being ridiculed for resembling an enormous pair of pants.

According to, the 74-story building was meant to look like an dramatic archway, with hopes of it becoming an “iconic gateway to the East.” In fact, the creators of the building, architectural firm RMJM, said the arch was designed to “represent the significance of China in the world today.”

Thus far, it seems as though most people are seeing the iconic masterpiece as a joke.

On China’s blogging website Weibo, one user commented, “This should be called the Pants of the East, not the Gate of the East.”

The Shanghai Daily also questioned the structure, asking, “Is it an arch or just plain pants?”

The skyscraper is set to be completed by the end of the year.

[Image via RMJM]